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There is no better way to ensure that you fully understand a subject than to teach it to others.

We can provide formal or informal training to individuals or groups on a wide variety of computer subjects.As computer repair professionals, continuing education is a way of life. Every year, new technologies and techniques come into favor and we need to keep up with it. As a side effect of this, we are very good at training others in various computer technology and usability topics. We also have great sources for more advanced or specialized training that we can help you find and arrange.

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Difficult and unusual cases are our specialty.


After getting an error on my computer tha made it stop working I realized that it was the only place that I had my pictures of my children and I thought they were all gone. After he fixed the computer, James sat with me and taught me how to organize my pictures and back them up and also put them on DVD so that there will always be more than one vulnerable copy of these priceless treasures.

Carol - Freehold

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